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Igbo Presidency; It Is All “Ajambele”.
After the 2015 presidential elections, the western media, particularly The Nation went on second campaign.

Igbo Presidency It's All Ajambele
Igbo Presidency It’s All Ajambele

Every columnist dwelt on the political naïveté of the igbos and how they will suffer political exclusion. And the narrative took a life of its own that some Igbo folks who lack the power of history and analysis self-loathingly agreed. Igbo Presidency; It Is All “Ajambele”.

Last week, I read an interview by Sen. Dr Alex kadiri. As usual, he was melodramatic. He agreed that power must shift from the North but that he sees no Igbo man capable of being president. Incoherently, he supplied no justification. He used Abiola as a test case.. how he was attending birthdays and weddings across the country and making donations. To him, every one knew him. So, to him, he has not seen any Igbo man who reaches out like Abiola and in conclusion, he re/echoed Late Funtua’s position that no Igbo man has the ability or network to become Nigeria’s president.

He didn’t give an obasanjo example.

The man who was in prison and was made president despite the fact the Ekwueme put his life on the line against Abacha.

The example of Late Yardua who had picked up teaching appointment before being made president was lost on him. But I know what he was about.. Tinubu on his mind. But why wouldn’t Tinubu contest his presidency without always carrying out a campaign of exclusion against the igbos.. why?

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The global events defy these reasoning by our self serving Nigerian politicians. Let’s take a stroll globally and see things for ourselves.

It's All Ajambele
It’s All Ajambele

The first African black man elected as senator in Italy is an Igbo man. He is Tony Chike Iwobi. Could you beat that? The first black MP in Poland is an Igbo man.. Godson Chikama Onyekwere. He schooled in ABSU the same time I was there.

What of Chuka Ummunna and Chi Onwurah.. the black MPs in Britain. Chuka was even the shadow secretary of Business. Ernest Ezeajughi is first black man elected mayor of London Borough.. he is Igbo. Joseph Chukwukere is the mayor of the city of New Jersey.

Igbo Presidency; It Is All “Ajambele”.

Now, Kaycee Madu got elected to the province of Alberta as provincial MP and was just made an Attorney General. But Tinubu was in the US a long time. He was not elected into any position.. possibly he was not electable because of rumours of white powder business.

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Femi Gbajamiala, the HOR speaker was practising law in the US. He was debarred because he converted his client’s money.. what a legacy and what a national visage for such person to be the 4th person in Nigeria’s protocol. Omi-Agege was a lawyer in US but he also got debarred because of financial malfeasance.. so when you see him use thugs in the National Assembly, you know where he is coming from.

Now, the little feats globally do not define political naïveté.. unless there’s another meaning to it.

Igbo Man The Next President
Igbo Man The Next President

I guess political naïveté in Nigeria means political sophistication. I guess the Igbos came before their time in Nigeria.. and by the time the country understands and appreciates the igbos.. it will be too late in the day.

When PMB was contesting for the presidency, the igbos saw through him.. they knew he would be everything except nationalistic.. the revelations in latter days tell who is politically sophisticated!
So anytime you hear the story and the spin about igbo’s political naïveté.. look at your neighbor and tell him: It’s all Ajambele!

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