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Written by Dj CashMoney. The ten basic reasons why Nigeria women get married.

Reasons Why Nigerian Women Marry
Basic 10 reasons Nigeria women are getting married

A commercial serving DJ in Enugu-Nigeria with the stage name “Cash Money”. He took his time to make a general analysis, using questioneer and other simple tools. He finds out the 10 pointing reasons why Nigeria women marry. 10 Reasons Why Nigerian Women Marry

10 Reasons Why Nigerian Women Marry

  1. The ones that are getting married because they are of age and fear that time is running out. They may not love the groom but they just want to get married
  2. Some are getting married because they are pregnant. They have aborted many pregnancies and fear womb damage.
  3. Ones that are getting married because of family pressure. Their parents are breathing heavily on their necks and have given them an ultimatum to bring a husband or get out of the house.
  4. Another reason for that is because of the ceremony they attend. They have attended many weddings and dream of getting married. They are fascinated by the wedding gown and the razzmatazz of the marriage ceremonies.
  5. Because of been jilted, so many that are getting married is because of the bitterness of being jilted by an ex. They are hoping to use this marriage to prove that they are still of value
  6. Also for shelter sake, some are getting married because of homelessness. Accommodation problem is common with many spinsters and paying rent is a burden. Just get married and stay in a free house for life.
  7. Just for the sake of the tag”I’m married”. These ones that are getting married because others are getting married. Usually, her friends and sisters are all married and tongues have started wagging and the moment any man proposes she takes the bait not minding the hook hidden in it.
  8. Many see marriage as a business portal. The ones that are getting married for commercial purpose. They see marriage as a business. They are hoping to make it big through marriage. They target millionaires and up worldly mobile men. They also target guys from rich families.
  9. Other ones that get married out of pity. She doesn’t love the man but got married to him because he opened a shop for her or paid her school fees or paid the hospital bills of the mother or something like that.
  10. Finally, the ones that get married for sex. This is the big one. Women these days rate men who are well endowed highly even if they are senseless and tactless and will settle down very quickly with a dude who gives them multiple orgasms. They’ll be screaming, “Harder! Faster! Finish me! Eat it” every night. They’re ready to foot the matrimonial bills. They’re ready to go the extra mile for men who can satisfy them erotically especially through oral sex.@djcash cares

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