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It sounds funny but its real, how the Nigerian army is now into farming and politics. Nigerian Soldiers Now Common Farmer and Politician

Where is the pride of the nation? Where does the dignity of this nation hold? Are the defenders of the nation now turned into a common farmer? Are our military now in collaboration with the political liars? Nigerian Soldiers Now Common Farmer and Politician

And just like some calls the country “Zoo”. What you see in the country unlike another country truly makes the country act like the animals in the zoo. It is no surprise that the country most times act like it has no constitution or code of conduct. Shall we choose the name “failure”? . I think ” no” is the right answer.

Furthermore, it is very frustrating and shameful that this country will never focus on the necessity. Young soldiers blood splits every day by the dreaded bandit. Those soldiers die for a nation that concerns itself with an unimportant thing as regards to line of duty.


Another factor to be considered is why must the Nigeria head of military service find interest to RUGA. Some states and citizens see this as means or agenda to Islamise the country. And the dreaded killing of innocent people by the said Fulani herdsmen is the root fear for many not accepting to go into RUGA is a matter of life and death.

Finally, can any right-thinking landlord, who is not embedded into further give his “boys Quater” apartment to a serial killer? Knowing the said tenant is a blood test killer. Any landlord who does that does so at his own risk.

Lastly, your view about the country welfare can be expressed via comment bellow.


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