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An object falling from space and landed in Nigeria. How true is this? We will find out. Meteorite Fall in Nigeria 2020

A meteorite is a large piece of rock or metal from space that has landed on Earth. Meteorite Fall in Nigeria 2020

First, the great impact of a meteorite in Nigeria caused great alarm and panic among the citizens of Eleyowo village, near the Akure city airport, affecting part of the structure of almost 100 houses and surrounding buildings to the impact of the meteorite.

Secondly, the measures of the 21-meter crater, which displaces hundreds of cubic meters of tons of soil from the land, along a road to Akure.

However, Governor Akeredolu and the Police Commissioner Undie Adie attributed the blast to an exploded truck carrying dynamites for a quarry based in Edo state.

Professor Adepelumi’s team has given a scientific explanation about what really happened.

The research group have details analysis of the explosion site.

” My research group carried out a detailed analysis of the impact site. A circular impact crater with 21m diameter and 7.8m depth was found which suggest a natural phenomenon.

“Water was found oozing out from the edges of the crater.

“The field evidence point to a conclusion that A METEORIC FROM AN ASTEROID BELT THAT TRAVELS AT A GREAT SPEED FROM SPACE IMPACTED THE LOCATION AT AN ANGLE OF 43 degrees created an ejecta at South-Western part.

“A preliminary insight vibration, noise, seismicity, water analysis, radioactivity studies, rock and soil investigation were carried out.

“Our findings suggest that the impact of the blasting covers 1 km radius of the surroundings of the crater.

“No evidence of fire or burning of anything was found within the vicinity. No evidence of radioactivity radiation was found within the crater and immediate vicinity.

Furthermore, he continues “No evidence of buried vehicle, buried ordinance or IED was found. However, crack opening that varies in thickness from 3mm to 4metres occurs on the wall of most of the buildings but not at the base of the buildings.

Video from cable

Also, foreign rocks and strange metallic objects were found within the crater. Most of the destruction occurs on top and roof/ceilings of the buildings.”

This kind of explosion happen elsewhere — and not the first that Nigeria has suffered.

In 1962, a farmer was almost struck by a big meteorite when it came crashing down in Zagami, Katsina state.

Finally, One of the most recent meteor explosions was in March 2019, which the US detected.
Lastly, It was the second emerges of its kind in 30 years, and the biggest since the fireball over Chelyabinsk in Russia six years ago, in which about 1,000 persons were injured.
Any way to avoid them The best we could do is to act upon warnings which come years earlier than such occurrences from the space.

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