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Anambra burial law

Highlights of new Anambra State burial law. Anambra State New Burial Law

  1. All burial/funeral ceremonies of indigenous deceased persons must be registered with the town union of the deceased persons. Registration fee is NGN1,500
  2. No person must erect any billboard, banner or posters of any kind of deceased persons in the State. 100k fine or 6 months jail term or both for violation.
  3. Persons are allowed to erect only directional posts (such as the ones leading to the venue). Must not be erected before seven days to the burial date and must be removed not later than seven days after the burial date. 100k fine or 6 months jail term or both for violation.
  4. The corpse must not be deposited in the mortuary or any other place beyond 2 months from the date of death. 100k fine or 6 months jail term or both for violation.
  5. No blocking of road/street because of burial except with the approval of the appropriate local govt authority,

The bill is Sponsored by Hon. Charles Ezeani, the member representing Anaocha 11 constituency.

Anambra new Burial law 2020

Aside, the number of days recommended for burial ceremonies. The bills equally frown on other flamboyant means of celebration that may cause destruction of property, gunshots, praise-singing, blocking of roads and streets during burial ceremonies. It also states that defaulters shall be punished in accordance with the law.

It further states that burial ceremonies in the state shall be for one day.

The bill further stipulates that during burial and funeral ceremonial activities, the family of the deceased shall provide entertainment for their kindred, relatives and other sympathizers at their own discretion.

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3 thoughts on “Anambra State New Burial Law

  1. This is a welcome development, as many men and even women have sought to borrowing just to bury their loved ones and at the end of the day are stranded. Some even leave their loved ones corpse in the morgue for two years or more just to raise the money to bury them. The Eastern Region must desist from these traditions that holds one bondage and develop, please.

  2. It’s a pity. Obiano and the house should try and move anambra forward and stop all these irrelevant issues. Anambra is the worst state with bad roads. We hardly see light and they are talking about the issues that cannot move us forward. It’s really pathetic.

  3. This is a mad law can’t work in my state people need to rise up against this mad law government have no business in regulating bury law ,is the right of the community leader’s, igwe cabinet to regulate.

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