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Ok Creation Records presents Keniyur X Slow Dog. The new Music: Keniyur Ft Slow Dog – Ozo. This is a production of Kosoro, the beat cook.

The young crafted rapper; Keniyur sheared the same voice_boot with the legendary rapper, the Slow Dog. The Music: Keniyur Ft Slow Dog – Ozo

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Slow Dog remains the best and the King in the entire South_Easten Nigeria. Beating the local vibes in the rap battle.

So many songs done by Slow Dog aka “Okpopko nwa”. With the microphone, he can write a letter using “Engli_Igbo” in good punctuation marks.

Slow Dog Biography

He remain one of the dragon Lords when you think or talk about the high star rappers. If you do not know Slow Diggy, it is certain you just visited.

Two golden mics in the studio, one for Keniyur and one for Slow Dog, KOZORO in the production room.

In recent time, Ok creation Records just sign to contract two music artist. In a few weeks back, this record label signed in the vibrant and talented musical artist: Keniyur and Jkings. Your star in making in the nearest future.

People can be unique indid. These two young dudes have made the music industry proud and happy. The song in our to keep its flavour in Africa.

Keniyur have done single with the title “Iyabo” recently. He did another with his co-signed-brother Jking titling “Doo” and numerous singles.

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