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A great time with the Nigerian young model. The Queen. Lọọlọ Ajogwu Ukamaka Josephine (Lọọlọ Igbo iii). She is the outstanding conqueror of the entire South Eastern pageantry. Two days interaction with Bef Media Entertainment exposes her personality, dreams, and achievements. A cheerful and lovable young lady. She is intelligent, a fast talker, hitting her point harder like a carpenter driving a nail into the wood.

Any Igbo person is most likely to know what the slogan “Engli-Igbo” means. Engli-Igbo simply means to communicate with English and Igbo language at the same time. So, today communication is an Engli-Igbo type of communication with the Queen. This is to help the none Igbos to diggest our interaction to get a better view of the discussion.

The Queen Lolo Igbo 3


Her first statement: ” Asusu Igbo (the Igbo language) should be pure and
Impressive. The number one language with so many unique features”

Identity: “Am a native of Amaezike village in Nkpologu town in Uzo-Uwani LG, of Nsukka in Enugu state”.

Profession: The damsel, Lọọlọ Ajogwu Ukamaka Josephine is a philanthropist, a model, a professional makeover artist, an Igbo cultural Promoter and a Civil servant


Laziness is not in her long dictionary.

Invention: She created a cultural education Initiative called “Maraigbo” ( Know Igbo). This is for the promotion of African cultural education. Her Excellency, the Lolo is a promoter to the Igbo cultural value, especially to the young Igbo kids. That’s what she Represents.

Her Modeling Carrier: “… I started modelling from my primary school days. When I participated in a fashion parade during the school annual graduation ceremony, fun it was. It extended to secondary school. I represented my house in the inter-school fashion parade. From there, my passion for modelling and my dreams to become a beauty Queen started developing into an unquenchable fire burning inside of me”.

How do you come to be the “lolo ndi Igbo“?

” I contested like any other young lady and I came out the winner… yes! I think God let me have this crown for a reason … we have other Lọọlọs

like Lọọlọ Anambra, Imo and other South Eastern states of Nigeria. But I won the overall … (Smiles), It’s in fact Gods doing.

I did the best I would and God made me the Lọọlọ of all the Lọọlọs 😀”.


What is your stake to modelling companies you have come across?

VineShield Ltd is the only company I know that their pageant is genuine. I mean the ones I have come into contact with, they are good I must confess. This is the model company that crowned me too. They have no hidden agenda, secret bills nor extort people. Not because they crowned me, other models I met testified to this too. They are not the company that will take advantage of you because you are a female model.”




In all these hard work and more, any award(s)?

“Yes!” she exclaimed… “I almost forget to mention this, the day I hit my chest and say to myself ‘God is truly doing it over and over again’. I was awarded this year, 2019” She said. “An award I got from Miss Iconic ‘Achievers Award’. As the Igbo cultural Icon of the year 2019, Enugu. My love for Igbo made me an award winner”.

Asking her how she is able to fit in her carrier and work.

You work, right? How do you combine all these with work?

“Yea, I do squeeze out time for my work and my carrier”.
She continued, … “You know there is something about passion. It’s like a noisemaker. It can never be calm nor let u rest. I love my culture. That’s who I am. I can’t be separated from it”

The Igbo Language Is Coded

She, the logo states that the Igbo language is coded, and trying to know why she claimes the Igbo language is code.

She explains…”… Igbo is not just a language
It’s one formation encoded. Every word in the Igbo language is a code”.

Question: How? Explain a little
… Like computer programming code or what?

Answer: (Lọọlọ Ukamaka response)
“… Just that the new generation due to western colonization has lost it and are not Interested anymore. Without knowing that all those western influences were actually designed to reprogram ndị Igbo”. She grinned, made an adjustment on her seat and nodes. She continued…

“Yea! Igbo is science, but i want to elaboration on the code you mean. Nwa afọ Igbo ọbụla dị naturally deep(every Igbo born is naturally deep)”. She swings her hands while making her explanation. “Like when we talk about ‘Nkwo, eke. orie, na afọr’ (the four Igbo market days, that is izu{week}).
People think it’s just market days
But it encompasses that Ndị Ichie hides it in market days to preserve the code.
Now Nkwo in Igbo symbolizes ‘Ike dị na ikuku’ (power of the wind).



That’s why in Igbo we have a bird called Agu Nkwo”
Why is that bird name Agu nkwo? she asked. This is to tell u that Nkwo nwere something to do with ikuku…then eke bụ Ihe na eke eke (something redish red fire)”


Now the scientific meanings of these four natural powers known as the four market days are. :
*- EKE is electromagnetism, electric Force…. that’s wave force. Hope you are getting this?

*-Nkwo is a strong force which is wind power –

-Orie – is a weak force, – Afọ – is Gravity –

If you understand these and how it works. Then u can create and produce




Then afọ bụ àlà, which represent “nwanyi” ( Afor is feminine for reproduction)

That’s why when you put a seed” na Ala omutara gị ọtụtụ nri”

(when you plant a seed, the land yields more seeds or food). Same as when a sperm enters afọ, “omuta nwa” (same to sperm fertilizing the egg to give a new birth). Encoded in the Igbo Language.

These are information. These white men know very well more than us. That’s why they want to take the language away by tagging it vernacular”
These four things are the element of creation

[ Everything created in this world works within these four powers
Plane, TV, telephone, everything. Even man too.”
We can’t live without air, water and all. Same as creation too.”

“Now if umu Igbo don’t know all these. How will they be able to create?


But running away from who we are.
Losing our identity is a big virus. Bad virus!
When you don’t know who you are and the power inside of you. How can you save yourself, let alone providing for your family and society”

“Igbo Language is deep, very deep and powerful”

“And that’s what gave birth to my ‘Maraigbo’ (know the Igbo language) school tour project. I want umu Igbo, especially ụmụaka na etolite (young growing kids) to go back to their root.
Embrace their culture because that’s the only way to self-actualization”

Ụmụaka na enye m obi aṅụrị (children gives me joy). I love being and playing around them, children. It’s joyful especially when these children grow and remember you for what they come to learn from you.
Am highly attracted to them.

“Nkịta ị maghị aha ya will not answer any call, (when a dog does not know her name, it will answer any call)”.

How can the land favour you when you don’t even know ‘usoro ALA ji arụ ọrụ’ (rules of the land). When you plant a seed on the ground, it will decay before a new one will regenerate. That’s extraction, purification, and unification. But how can we know all these natural science? When we do not know our cultural education?”

She paused in few seconds, then continued

“… in Igbo land, we have some egwu ọnwa (moonlight dance). A lot of umu Igbo” don’t even know the symbol of that. And those are not just for fun… they have symbolical meanings.

For example, the ‘Mgba’ in ala Igbo (wrestling in Igbo land) was a programmed cultural education. To teach one how to be strong to face life challenges amount our men”

She also points out another problem the Igbos are facing with the Igbo language “… Our problem is that we use English to explain Igbo. Which is very wrong. We must put that to a stop. English can never be used to explain Igbo because the two are way two different things” she said.

“You can’t tell me that “‘ihe” is light.
If one can say that “ihe” is light. Then ịmụta “ihe” is it to know the light.
You see … It’s very wrong to use English to explain Igbo
“Maka “na ịmara ihe, ihe abata na ndụ gi “( because if you are wise, lights will come into your life)
Ịma “ihe” is to know’ right? not just to know but to know the good from the bad.
Nwata ma ihe anaghị efu ụzọ (a wise child will not miss his path)”

“Biko (please), don’t fail to teach your kids Igbo o!. They can learn English at school. But Igbo should be the first thing they should know. Mother tongue first” she advised … “Check all the advanced developed country, like China for instance. They don’t know English nor do they value another language to the detriment of their language. Make ur own research, They have their own way of worship too. Some of our people don’t know we are in the world for a reason. I tell you that a Hausa or Yoruba will not take their language for a second”.

She claims that Igbos is the first language. “Igbo is the superior of all universal language. Check it, you will see my words are true, we are the first language in the universe. We are the only pure race with no dent. Igbos are the only people with original lineage around the globe. We gave what the white man does not have. I will tell you that English conflicts too many time”

” a reason for our existence is what we don’t know and I will keep repeating it. we fail to observe nature, accept who and what we are. The white man’s way is not us. they embed their tradition and religion to our detriment.”

She sensed disbelieve among us. She bombed in with some questions.
She asks. “…ask yourself why do the whites research our culture? why do they spend money looking deep into our culture and heritage? They simply are doing everything at reach to get our people lost. They look deep, which is what we fail in doing.

They are smarter, they will always hide vital information. like our native folks when animal are used as characters for teaching and correction.

How grateful are you at all the time?


She paused for about five to ten minutes, raising her eye brew, she answered.

” I heartily wish to express and extend my gratitude to umu Igbo Nile home and Abroad, great men and women Toiling day and night to ensure that am being traced on the right part.
“CHỊM gozierem unu”

My social media lovelies/Fans 😍
U know, encomiums can only do so much, but it is indeed only the Highest, CHỊM who can reward these great people. My life is a testament to their love and hard work.
It is a pointer to the real meaning of selflessness and sacrifice.

“Unu dị ike.
Nara nụ Abụ Ekele anyị
Ya gaziere unu nile.
Unu dị m n’obi..
Lọọlọ na Ekene”. She never seized from her grateful heart as she continued.

“Am most grateful to CHIM (my God), I won’t stop thinking all the time; that today am continuously walking into my dreams and making them all a reality.

My greatest joy is the impact it’s creating to younger ones who are looking up to me like a Queen. And the kids impacted positively, and fill with cultural knowledge. That gives true wisdom, that is the power to them. I will say am fulfilled but I will not get tired like an old soldier”.



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