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Condeming Rise of Suicide. Tragiic And Endless Pains And the Stigma To Family.

Will you conclude that those committing suicide are stupid? The people who commit suicide, are they to go-to hellfire? According to the Christain religion, you must not kill. Killing oneself is murder. The modern man may still this mental illness. For you should not kill. Stand up against Condemning Rise of Suicide. Condemning Rise of Suicide.

The demons are working tirelessly in the world and Nigeria is not left out.

Should it be frustration or depression in the eyes of men? Knowing this is a problem to the families that this tragic befall, what shall you call it?

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The funny stories for reasons for committing suicide baffles. Some give an excuse for losing a boyfriend or a girlfriend to some other person. So for that unreasonable reason, one will decide to die.

Some financial challenges lead them to it. But I know the beggars in the street have children to care for. They keep hoping, even while in poor health. Too many reasons which are only temporary as changes must come.

You have to be mentally ill to think about suicide.

It is heartbroken that suicide is foolishly taken another shape in the life of some. I am talking about Nigerians especially. The entire Africans as a continent, the blacks forbids suicides. In my place, the Biafran land. Any person who commits suicide will not be buried. The said deceased will be thrown to the evil forest. This is because, in African, Commuting suicide is an evil abomination. The report of the youths taking life is tragic. Should the movies we watch still contribute to this abnormalities?

Fact: 1 in 5 people have thought about suicide at some time in their life and not all people who die by suicide have mental health problems at the time of death. However, many people who kill themselves do suffer from their mental health, typically to a serious degree. Sometimes it’s known about before the person’s death and sometimes not. Too bad.

And as they die like biblical Judas Iscariot. Repentant may be too very late at that point of struggle. Struggling for the air they fail to appreciate in life. Too Bad and evil.

The pain that lingers in the heart of the people that loves them. They equally killed those that love them on the other hand. Dont think nobody still loves them.

This is demonicly stupid. People some put on bomb vest, in the name of faith and believe to take others lives and theirs too. Some jump over the bridge, like that at Lagos, Nigeria. Some take snipper, you will hear people using rope and all that. That is evil at a degree.

It simply tells that those who hate you have won you. It is a simple grammar telling your haters that “look o, I have given up and all the bad things you pray and wish to raise against me is true”.

Enemies won when one commits suicide. The stigma to family name is to generations.

Life is not and will never be as golden as you dream. This suicide is to be condemned at all levels. Be patient before you because you will never know tomorrow. The fools and cowards killes themselves.

The Africans should reminded of the evil before the coming if the whites. Not good for the whites either. Suicid to bad to human society. In Biafran-Nigeria, it is called “aru” (taboo). Do not kill any or your own life.

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