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Do you know that the paper called Money does not have value for you? But we value. We give value to money. Money Has No Respect But You Respect It.

Money respect no one

It’s human nature to want to succeed and feel important. Money has a part to play Thinking that money — alone — is going to grant you these: Success and VIP.

This is not the way to go, because how much you earn is solely the result of your efforts or a little lucky. A gauge of your ability and success and above all the grace of God.

This can be witnessed all over the world, every minute of every day. Those who make money take lots of work and brainstorming. Some work very hard but never made the money. Money is basically good to be up to date with needs.

The better you are at something, the greater your ability hence the reward in monetary terms is greater.

“Money comes naturally to those who are able.”

Therefore, when you remove the extremes and outliers like lottery winners and heirs to vast fortunes, sticking to the principle that money comes naturally to those who are able will serve you well in life.

This is applicable in every field. Money Has No Respect But You Respect It.

Money respect no one

It’s human nature to conform when thinking about money, consequently, we are obsessed with comparing ourselves to others. Weighing your salary, assets or net worth against someone else will only make you think negatively towards money. The reason why you shouldn’t do this is simple: there’s nothing you can do about it. For instance, if a Russian billionaire gifts his fortune to younger generations of his family, there’s zero you can do to stop him.

Most affluent individuals — despite their bad notoriety in the press — are usually decent people who’ve worked hard for their money and usually give back to society through private charity. There are several well-known, savvy billionaires setting up foundations and funds to help people less fortunate than themselves; e.g. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s hard to dispute that the top 1% have a large piece of the pie, but refusing to hate people because they’re wealthy is a prolific rule to stick by. Instead, be inspired by their ability and success when they’ve earned it through hard work and discipline.

The Five Basic Principles To Take Away

  1. Respect money even though it won’t respect you back.
  2. Don’t love money, love the ways in which you can acquire it.
  3. Use your ability: money comes naturally to those who are able.
  4. Take part in the system: if you don’t, you will get nothing in return.
  5. Avoid comparing your salary, assets and net worth to others.

When you look at a hundred naira bill, what do you think? The default response is: “What can I buy with it?”. When you raise the amount to ten thousand, the value of the items you start thinking of increases. As an example, =N=100 buys a yearly membership to the gym, but =N=10,000 allows you to buy your own equipment. You may have noticed, when the value of money increases, you start to think more about it and what it can buy. Therein lies another provocative question: what does money think of you?

One of the biggest misconceptions about money is that it’s somehow alive; a living, breathing thing. However, money doesn’t think, act or communicate. It’s merely paper and ink and thinks nothing of you in return hence revealing an inconvenient truth: all the problems that we attribute to money, lie with ourselves; whether it be a lack thereof or a distaste for the capitalist system. Money has no soul, a sense of guilt or regret, but we do; it’s a harsh truth to face.

Money doesn’t think, act or communicate. It’s merely paper and ink and therefore thinks nothing of you.

Money respect no one

There’s no denying that money has power in society, but that power comes from our interpretation of what it can give us; money has no conscious to influence our decision making, it’s all in our head. Consequently, you’re left with a dilemma: your feelings held towards money are strong but it couldn’t care less about you. It’s a loveless marriage but that’s the way it is.

The more you earn, the more you will come to respect money and understand why society rewarded you with it in the first place. Therefore, learning to be indifferent to money is paramount, because now you know that the respect you’ve shown will never be returned

Aiming for money without a clear vision instead of focusing on your ability is a bad idea. “How do I become wealthy?” should be replaced with “How do I improve at what I do best?”. If you achieve greatness in your chosen field, society will pay you your fair share in return.

And Positive Greed Does Exist

There are both types of greed; mostly good, but some bad. Negative greed hurts society as present day examples demonstrate, such as the Mafia. Nonetheless, positive greed is dominant, allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to use resources efficiently thereby producing products and services that improve everyone’s lives.

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