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Greatness Can Be Achieved

The poor take it to the street to survive. Greatness Can Be Achieved. It starts.

Now it moves me to write on this picture image pointing the poor; at the young inspiring DJ. Greatness Can Be Achieved.

Did you take a deep look at his musical set and style?. His hand on the laptop and the other on console mixer. While the party roll, his ear listens to the next song with the headphone. The next hit song is about to blast!!. Inspiration and the will power is shown. The poor kid kicks off his dream from the street.

The environment will tell you how much poverty exists at its extreme in Africa. But the teenage boy mind is rich with dreams.
I hope you have some questions about this? If you are born with the golden spoon you will not and will never understand. No explanation is needed, because it is said. ‘”Experience is the best teacher”.

My point is that where you finish in life is not determined so much by where you start as by whether you start.

If you are willing to start and keep insisting. There is no telling how far you will go. Someone else opinion of you do not have to be your reality.

Greatness Can Be Achieved

Another evil that testifies against anyone is the spirit of fear. Fear not to be a failure and other reasons for being fearful of the unknown. Fear is fear, depending on how you see it. Author Katherine Paterson once says” To fear is one thing. To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another. I have fears too, we all have fears. The question is whether we are going to control them or let them control us.

Greatness Can Be Achieved

In conclusion, the zeal to attend to greatness in life is interesting. It starts from the mind at an early age. Most time parents or guardians neglect, or for some reasons, fail to lay proper guideline. This especially when parents or guardians are poor or rigid. But the courage and the will power are very important.

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