I love my Sugar! You are sweeter than milk and honey! It is the sound at the first dose. Let it wait or better, be patient enough for some trying times. Not one, nor two trying times. Time must tell about your true affection. This is because when love gets frustrated one may find the sugar, and no content of sugar found.

“Frustrated love has been the incentive for many great works” -John N Michel. Do you agree to John? I truly agree with him. When love gets frustrated one can be motivated in so so many ways to accomplish greater things. For example, if the peoson you personally love frustrate and neglect your affection. And maybe you feel it is because of your lack of money. You see that person been motivated to achieve financial success. This is just an example. I know this incentive ‘key’ can come in different form.

Men do cry and women cry too. Lots of secret and open tears in the name of love. And the little ones cry for affection. Love is everyone affair and everyone want some piece of LOVE. LOVE is vital to every human and love is true.
It can look very silly most times when you fall into love. Attention is moved away from some vital thing one will only thinking about the loved one. Some will tell you this love is not normal. In Africa or Nigeria for instance, some will say African magic is in play. Meaning some black power is in this kind of affection because they think love is not normal. Even when love is fantastic. It can give you laughter and joy but, do not undereat it when frustrated by someone you trust. It is and will another name for which is depression.

A frustrate love is a blind eye. It locks one’s sense of reasoning at a point. Some times one will cease to eat a good meal or lose apatite completely. Losing focus and will turn into the state of mental instability.

“When a woman falls in love she loves for real” – R_Klly. Yes, she loves for real, you can read our article when a woman loves. When a Man Loves a woman, he is willing to do more than required to keep her happy. Love is good but dangerous if negatively applied. Some fellows who do unimaginable stuff because of love; sometimes, don’t blame them because you may never understand. Don’t ask me HOW? History has told us, today history is made and today is not far from the future.

Some fall silent when frustrated or weep secretly in the closet. How God invented love is above man thinking in any constructive way you tend to structure it.

There is nothing so so distracting as a frustrated love. I’m not talking about lust. You can find your way when you are lost in lust. I mean the sound of true love.

All love stories are frustration stories… To fall in love is to be reminded of a frustration that
you didn’t know you had (of one’s formative frustrations, and of one’s attempted self-cures for them); you wanted someone, you felt deprived of something, and then it seems to be there. And what is renewed in that experience is an intensity of frustration and an intensity of satisfaction.

Love, in its romantic dimension, is a fine game of opposites. The process involved in falling in love is often as violent as it is pleasant. It can be as delicious as it is terrifying, and it is precisely this falling in love, or rather, sharing this kind of love with another, which implies the opening of our interiors to someone else. This is with all of our shadows and demons and everything we carry inside ourselves. It implies an honesty that’s not always comfortable, nor even desirable.

With all this coming and going, and the mixed feelings – of joy and pain, desire and revulsion, of fear and courage –
there shines a not quite obvious truth. When we fall in love with someone else, not only do we love someone completely external to ourselves, but we fall in love with our own projection of that person, born of our own deepest emotional shortcomings.
So the person we fall in love with, despite the possibility that they’re all but unknown, is also deeply familiar.

How you define love in your own words? Some claim not to believe in love. Don’t mind them. It is either they have been frustrated in the past, directly or indirectly or they are yet to find the right person. True or False? And above all GOD IS LOVE.

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