%Nnnamdi Kalu Sex With A Girl Exposed iN A Hotel Room

Maybe Nnamdi Kalu has a twin brother. I don’t know if this is him or his spirit in a hotel room with a beautiful lady having fun after fun. Nnamdi Kalu Acting Or Drama

She seems not satisfied ready to suck his big boss. The lady is taking a video while the King of adultery is smiling like Samson when Delilah took her scissors to do her job. Nnamdi Kalu Porn Actor Or Drama Man

A womanizing Freedom fighter who used a chance to make himself known and our Igbo brothers are brutally killed innocently. It is true he nicknamed Nigeria “Zoo”. I will agree to that to some degree and for reasons too.

Nnamdi Kalu Porn Actor Or Drama Man

My submission at some degree on the name “Zoo” is based on what is seen and read every day via media in this country. This is because the country has less value for human lives especially on the “nobodies”. They, the leaders have little or no interest for the citizen nor care for the ordinary citizen.

The country where justice does not stand out because is “who is your father?”

A country where hardship has made the youths go into various crimes without single remorse. A country where millions of young people are wandering around and the elders stick to office till death do them part.

The Nigerian leader will call the young people “lazy youths” but the elders are older than the country itself. And the elders in the state is willing to die in the office.

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Who knows where Kalu is now? Is he enjoying outside his wife worm arms but want us to war unreasonably. (War must not be the taking of arms, I agree to the truth). “Until we see a true Moses, crossing the red sea will be of imagination and fraud,” says Chimeze Atu.

Nnamdi Kalu Acting Or Drama

The most patriotic Igbo man whose love for his people is shown all over him. the Warlord

Chief General Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. He made his mistake but he is a true son of Ndi Igbo. A man who wants the best for his people. He stood up against the slaughter of his own people. May he rest in peace.



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