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When You Face Trial it is not easy as it stands but to be strong is the key. It is easier to say than done. Are You Bitter, Brave or Broken? In all sense, it is certainly better than bitterness, it is. Time is the precious gift that heals wounds. Even if it still depends on the form and nature of the giving storm too. These guys are amputated and so with other deformities, illness, so is other problems inclusive.

They are fearless and fail to humble to the blocks and trials that come to hurt them down. They are strong and determined to face the challenge.
Some of the things one face in life are what none can say when it will come. Let us look at this in some ways, then we tag it the “storms in life”.

Storms are other WARs human faces. Everybody faces storms at certain times in their life. Storms in the form of situations, circumstances, obstacles,
problems, and or difficulties. The storms come to take you off the course God would have you run.

Can you take a look at the amputated footballers, disable sports, using this as an illustration? The problem they face did not deter them in the mind. a disabled sport played with seven players on each team (six outfield players
and one goalkeeper). Outfield players have lower extremity amputations, and goalkeepers have an upper extremity amputation. Outfield players use loft strand (forearm) crutches and play without their prosthesis. This is very inspiring, not listening to the ‘stop because you are hindered’ is the best way to face it…

Many people believe the better choice is to be brave. I used to be one of them. Being brave in the face of difficult trials seem good: weathering the storm, riding it to its end and then jumping back
into life.

I thought, if I could just keep moving and pushing toward the future like a charging horse with blinders on,
it would all go away. That’s better than bitterness, and we certainly shouldn’t wallow in the pain.

They come to deter you and to literally keep you from being all God wants you to be, from having all God wants you
to have and from doing all He wants you to do. But choosing bravery as a way to get through a trial was like a soldier in battle, trying to survive the grenades and bullets flying by. It was simply survival.

Will African leaders support and have the will power to support Africans with this condition? Nigerians I will ask, will you look at the people facing such? Even the able youths I know today in Nigeria will tell you that very little care about us. I mean our government and the entire system. Should we talk about frustrated or I don’t care system, {Wetin we go talk again? we dey} but we must try to survive. This may be another topic for Nigerians some other day.

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