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The cultural festival of the Igbos in Coal City FM Station- Igbo Day. It calls the unification of the Igbos and respects to the way of life. Coal City FM Igbo Day maiden edition

ADA Igbo Day
Coal City FM Igbo Day

The president-general of the Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo – Chief John Nnia Nwodo at the event is a huge mark. This is because he is the leader and the spokesman of the Igbos. He is the 9th President-General of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo. Coal City FM Igbo Day maiden edition

It really shows that every Igbo man/woman not present is presents since the leader of the Igbos is here.

Many Igbo leaders and chieftain are present at the event. They represent different clan of the Igbo hinterland. The states in the south East and South-South are called one after the other to partake in the breaking of kola nut.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo is an apex Igbo socio-cultural group in Nigeria. The group represents all Igbo communities within and outside Nigeria. Igbos by the census, represent one of the three largest ethnic groups in Nigeria.
0 Although the group is not a political party. Part of its objectives of creation is to foster unity among its members in order to better allow them to be represented within the political scenario of Nigeria.

In every gathering of the Ndi Igbo, “kola nut” is vital. It is a precious seed that will never be overlooked because of its symbol of unity. It is some times said that good spirits of the gods also dwells in the kola nuts. It is said in Igbo “onye wetere oji wetere ndu” meaning ‘he that brings kola brings life’. After offering prayers, the event goes according to as plans with live performances.

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The Igbos must realize the importance of unity and hold to it. Sincerity at a plane sheet and the need for brotherly love to one another.

The venue of the event at FRCN Sam Nwaneri Event Center. The host; Madam Joy Obitulata, the general manager Coal City FM. The head of Igbo unit Coal City FM; Ngozi
Obi Izuogu, the Zonal Director Soth East: Ike Ken Okere,
Obi Izuogu and the entire staffs are actively active. The ceremony is mastered by the radio presenters: Ikechukwu Eze, Ndudi Chudy, Godwin Ogwo and Ike Jehovah Eze.

The Igbos who invest heavily outside the home should use their tongue to count their teeth. Every place you go round the world, there is some atom of Igbo people.

These lovable and friendly people have a very big threat against them. Which is gradually destroying them as people ” the loose of mother tongue”. The western culture is digging dip into the people. This made them accept the “white man” way of life to their own detriment, against their identity.

An Igbo man finds it simple to speak the English language against his own mother tongue. When a fellow Igbo talk to his brother, he will rather respond in English rather than Igbo, it is fairly bad our people.
Simple it looks but it a big danger that will wipe a people ironically. Coal City FM Igbo Day (maiden edition)

The next generation must not be held accountable for the down of our identity and unity if the present generation, the elders fail to make the corrections to the children.

Some think speaking English will present them as a highly educated person, superior in society. They may still not understand the privacy enclosed in a language in the midst of other people of another language. So much is said and equally analyzed, too many to lean, to know a problem is to work on solving it.

The event of the day is nicely organized presenting: Ada Igbo beauty pageant, food fair, wrestling, Igbo proverbs, and cultural dancers performance.
Some notable persons are: “Prof. Ndolo, Iche Okele, Dikoha Matics, Ejiofor and more”.

School performers from the list of the school below is a nice short:

  1. New Heaven Secondary School leads by Lady Helen Onyia “onye Nkuzi Igbo”.
  2. Gifted precious Child International School Achara layout – lead by Mrs B Ajike
  3. Kings Kids Comprehensive Secondary School- Meniru Enugu
  4. Colliery Technical Colledge Ngwo – lead by Very Engr Solomon Nwankwo, etc.
  5. … Also the presentation of Igbo native food by the students of Mario Institute of Hospitality Management and entrepreneurship education Uhunowerre Nsuka – under the leadership of Rev. Colinus Obe.

This is Chiamaka Cyntia Obieke, the young damsel, the Coal City F.M _ Igbo Day crowned Queen, winner of 2019 competition “Ada Igbo”.

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