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The World’s Largest Cannabis Entertainment Concept.

The name tells you it has something special, of standing quality because it is pretty ok. This is Do You Know Planet.

Located in Las Vegas ‘The Gambling Capital of the World’ and The Entertainment Capital of the World. You can call it ‘Sin City’ simply because you can find many kinds of adult entertainment there.
Sure, it may well be the largest cannabis store in the world at 112,000 square feet, but the word “store” does not capture the essence of Planet 13 in any way, shape, or form.

Despite the headwinds of cultural acceptance and mountains of governmental regulations that would make even Sir Edmund Hillary quake in his boots, Planet 13’s founders have moved quickly from humble beginnings to create not just another mirage in the desert, but a true mecca to the concept of entertainment retail itself. Do You Know Planet 13

Quite pretty soon Planet 13 will take the cannabis experience to new heights. Phase II of its expansion plans include adding a new coffee shop and pizzeria, along with a customer-facing production facility, featuring 115 feet of windows where visitors can watch and learn what goes into the creation of individual Planet 13 products. The coffee shop and pizzeria will occupy an additional 4,500 square feet, and the production facility will take up another 14,000 square feet. There are even plans to begin construction on a 2,000 square foot event space that can accommodate up to 200 people for weddings, corporate events, conferences, etc. as well.
It only took five years for Planet 13’s founders to conceptualize something completely new, fresh from the ground up and Greenfield. The key ingredients were simply grit, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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