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Google is to shot down

This is not news, but the fact remains some people do not have the idea. Or reluctant to do something before it gets late. Gmail Shutting down google+

Google has revealed it is closing down another one of its workplace apps, with its Inbox email service ending on April 2nd. Gmail Shutting down google+

The first announcement is in 2014 as an invitation-only service. Inbox offers a more interactive and intelligent way to access your emails away from the vanilla Gmail app.

Praised for its Bundles feature, which brought emails of the same topic together. Inbox also inspired popular features such as automatically sifting through your messages, email snoozing and smart replies. And also featured the all-white design now seen on the main Gmail app.

Google confirmed quite a while ago that its popular email app. Inbox by Gmail would be shutting down sometime in Spring of 2019. The company neglected to confirm a specific date, however. Today, that date has been confirmed. Inbox by Gmail shuts down on April 2nd.

According to a notice sent out to Inbox users over the past few hours. Google has pegged down the official shut down date of Inbox by Gmail for 15 days from now. That lands the app’s official closure for April 2nd, 2019.

Ironically, that’s the same day Google+ bites the dust.

Gmail Shutting down google+

Inbox had been set for the chop for some time, with a Spring 2019 date named by Google last year. But users are now starting to be alerted to the end of their apps.

Some users reported yesterday seeing a pop-up screen that appears when they open the app, saying that the service will close in 15 days time – meaning Inbox could end on April 2nd.
Despite huge internal backing, Google+ will close after two major bugs were detected in the service, with video call service Allo and URL shortener also set to close. For help and other detail google support is a helping hand.

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