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All those hips she got, her fresh succulent boobs, tender lips are just so sweet. it is truly hard to resist. She Is The Gift To Man

She is a gift

She Is The Gift To Man. The woman will give us the sunshine, she gives us some rain. She Is The Best Gift To A Man

Man’s life is summed around a woman from childbirth to adulthood and down to his old age. When the old age comes, the children must go to explore the world. The man is all alone to himself and his only life best friend ‘The Woman’. yet he ends in the belly of the “mother earth”.

The truth is, the Almighty God is a nice father. He certainly knows his son Adam is in frustration. How many years will frustrated Adam live alone? and God has mercy on frustrated Adam. All his worries, no help in any form or way. Adam may have stayed millions of years, have every good thing around him as the first man. Adam is the first human to enjoy whatever his father created but he never experienced a woman’s tender love.

Her touches and all the nice things a woman is known for. She is a true gift to a man.

I wonder what life will be like with no woman? I’m still wondering how frustrated men will be if no woman to calm us (men) down after too many pain.

Our daily toil is nothing if we don’t have any reason for the toiling. The woman who sort to soft our daily trouble when she appeases our desires like the ancestral gods.

She stands to give us hope for the next generation. All her style, she protects you from your fear and enemies, speak for you and treat you like a child.

I must confess that a woman is a true soul and special, most precious gift given to man from the creation. A woman is a special being that you must not play upon, or ill-treat her soft spot. She may harbor sharp object to cut someone when hurt.

Women are beautiful, soft and have a magnetic power that humbles a man.

A saying have it that man is the “head of the family”. This is true, but another have it that ” The woman is the neck in which the head depends upon”.

She is powerful in her weakness. can bring down Kings, trample brave soldier and bring a nation to war.

“She can nag and be constant pain, that’s a woman” -Shaggy.

Her boobs are a feeding table for the man, who turns to battle this with his own child. what men we are?

The apple which men tend to hunger about is sweet to taste but that does not mean that men must eat the poisoned apple. This is because some apple may be poisonous as a result, dangerous for body and mind. Which will bring frustration, pain, restlessness, drunkenness and sometimes early death.

Enjoy your woman if you have one or hope to get one. She is a gift to the entire generation and the food to life on earth. You can not enjoy her when it is too late to be late.

Your comment when you think about the advantages of a woman will be interesting when others read your write-up.

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