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The pen writes words, and these words have powers. The Pen Is Mightier.

Words have the power to persuade, influence, dry tears, and forge smiles.

Words can heal emotional wounds and eliminate fears. Intelligent words can make you rich, wealthy, and happy in the future. The Pen Is Mightier.

The man who holds the pen is a knowledgeable and learned man,

and those who hold the sword become ineffective and unsuccessful. All respected well-known philosophers, writers, doctors, poets, engineers, and wise educated men were guided by the pen.
Man is going beyond the moon today and can predict the weather. Doctors have found ways to cure sicknesses which were formerly incurable. All this has been possible by the knowledge we have learned.
Dedicated to:
Edward Bulwer-Lytton(1839). The Pen Is Mighter.

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Because The Pen Is Mightier than the sword. comment on your view below.

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