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You will love to know about us_Bef Media. A registered entertainment and media company in Nigerian. Licensed by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990, pursuant to section 659.

Our story starts in the year 2012. The first registration name is “Blissful Entertainment Factory” (BEF). About Us_Bef Media

With the great vision to build a large entertainment industry with the hope to produce top celebrities in the nearest future. As a ” factory” the end benefit will be a nice product. When I say product, I mean human or talent production. This is to empower our younger people, to help because the employment muscle in Nigeria is low.

all about entertainment and Spare.
The House of Media

I realise there are too many talents that will often get weak with the feeling of losing passion for what they love to do. This is what I see every day in Nigeria. This has kept many in disappointed shape because, to them, it seems they have failed in a live dream.

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As we progress, I will not mind the failure to getting to our expectations. The hindrances must be overlooked at some point here. We should trow them far away because writing them may sound pitiful. And I equally have heard the old saying”everybody have a story”.

So we have to re-register in 2016 as “Bef Media Entertainment’. This is the year we startup to help the young artist in our own little steps, we equally get our self into blogging. Then we start engaging different events and management.

We starts seeking an alliance with other company in more formal ways. So, it’s time we start signing up models and young musicians in Nigeria-Africa.

However, noon has attained to the top as we anticipated but we are happy to start something. Our strong hope of making some person fame will never die. We believe dreams must come to true.

Presently, we have transformed Bef Media Entertainment to Bef Media House. Same company with the same passion. Some upgrade and the broader view is here to enhance our vision to achieve successes.

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This piece is what you will know about us befmedia house. As we progress, we will inform you of our progressive development.

The About Us_Bef Media page.

Thank you for taking your time to read about us.

Lawrence Ngwu, (Mgr).

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